Cracar Finnish Lapphunds
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Finnish Lapphund
"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"
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~~Josh Billings~~
Ready for your Puppy
So, after all your homework, you have made the decision to add a Lappy to your family!
Wonderful!  You have found a breeder you are comfortable with, they have helped in choosing the right puppy for your family and now it's time to bring your new puppy home!  When the big day arrives the breeder should provide you with the following information:

  • A  3 or 4 generation pedigree of your puppy.

  • The puppy's AKC registration so that you may register the dog individually.  If this document is not available make sure that your contract states that the registration has been applied for and will be sent to you in a specified time period.  You should then request a copy of  the AKC registration of the mother at the very least, the father if it is available.  Your purchase price SHOULD NEVER be increased because you want AKC papers, these should come with you purchase.

  • A contract outlining the terms of sale for your puppy i.e. companion or show quality and which should include a health warranty.

  • A history of all vaccinations, wormings and any other medical information on the puppy including the type of vaccination(s) and worming medication(s) used.  It is also helpful to you if the breeder includes guidelines for booster shots.  *A note here on the issue of vaccinations; we are counseling our puppy buyers to be careful about over-vaccination of their puppies and dogs.  In recent years studies have shown that our dogs have received "annual" boosters that may not be needed due to immunity and furthermore many are coming to the conclusion that vaccinating too frequently is actually harmful to our dogs resulting in immune disorders, cancers, thyroid disorders, etc.  If you have questions about any future vaccinations, please consider contacting your breeder to discuss concerns.

  • Feeding instructions and a few days worth of food.  This will hopefully reduce the stomach upset that may come with all the other changes that are happening in their lives.
The breeders should make themselves available to you so that you may contact them once you take your new puppy home.  It is always reassuring to know that advice and help is only a phone call away whether it be as simple as your puppy's first night at home or some assuring words from the breeder to help with housetraining.

Under no circumstances should a breeder allow you to take a puppy home before they are at least 8 weeks old.  Puppies still need their mom and siblings as they learn how to play and mom teaches manners.  Also by that age they will have begun their vaccinations and had the opportunity to build up some immunity as well as be emotionally more prepared to leave the only family they have known.  Following the breeders instructions and guidelines as to public exposure and vaccination boosters is the best way to assure the continued health of your new puppy.
Be prepared to spay or neuter your new puppy when they are old enough, responsible breeders will require this.   Additionally, they may register the individual puppies on a "limited" registration.  This registration means that your puppy is AKC registered and you will receive a certificate, however, the "limited" registration simply means that should any offspring result from a breeding of this dog, they are ineligible for registration with the AKC. 

The Finnish Lapphund is still considered "rare" with fewer than 20 breeders here in the United States and breeders spend a considerable amount of time and money when planning a breeding which may include the importation of dogs or semen in addition to the routine health screening performed on the parents.  With this in mind you can expect to that the cost of a pet puppy will generally be in the $1700.00+ range and usually does not include shipping costs if needed.

We hope this is of help to those of you looking for a puppy and searching for a responsible breeder.  If you have any questions which aren't answered here please don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be glad to help.