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You are about to enter the wonderful world of the Finnish Lapphund.  As one of the more popular breeds in Finland the "Lappy", as we affectionately call them, is relatively new here in the United States and even more so in California.  With the rarity of the breed itself comes many questions about them; what are their personalities like, what kind of pet are they, what are the grooming requirements, are they good with kids, etc.  We hope to answer those questions and provide you with additional information within our site.

As a part of the Lappy community we are very protective of the breed and carefully nurture our relationships with the families that chose them and us.  We strive to keep it's heritage as true to it's origin as possible and we proudly take on that huge responsibility of guidance and education to anyone considering this wonderful breed.

Having been in the world of "dogs" since 1976 when we started to exhibit Siberians, we always put the welfare of the breed first. Showing and winning are fun but that shouldn't be what makes them, or us,  #1 which is why you won't find lots of "show dog" information or pictures herein.   First and formost, our Lappies are our companions and pets and our goal with our Lappies is no different;  we will be honest, responsible and ethical, to provide education and information to those interested in the breed and perhaps adding a puppy to your family.  We continue to adhere to our motto that we've stood by for over 35 years . . . . . .

"Where Quality never means Quantity"